8 tips to learn how to brush your hair at home

Want to learn how to brush your hair at home and take a break in the beauty salon? Then check out these tips and find out how to achieve a professional effect:

Want to learn how to brush your hair at home and take a break in the beauty salon? Then check out these tips and find out how to achieve a professional effect:

Every woman loves to walk in “trinques”, with beautiful hair and, if possible, brushed, right? But what about when there is no time left for the salon or the money? Do you know how to turn around and brush your hair at home?

Most women, of course, will say no. Even because, according to many people out there, you can't brush your hair at home and achieve the same beautiful, loose, professional and lasting effect of beauty salons, right?

Today, however, you will discover that this is all talk and that you will not only brush your hair at home if you don't want to. That's because the whole process is very easy and yes: you can achieve a beautiful result, like that of professional brushes.

In fact, some very valuable tips for those who want to learn to brush their hair at home are listed, right after. As you will see, it takes some minimal care with the wires and materials that allow brushing, such as a hair dryer and a brush suitable for your wires.

Then, just follow the step-by-step that we mentioned and ready: you will be able to brush your hair at home, without spending 1 real for it. Cool huh?

Learn how to brush your hair at home:

1. Cleaning

The first thing you need to take care of to brush your hair at home and have a salon effect is to clean your hair. Choose a neutral shampoo, remove all residues of dirt and the product itself. Prefer almost cold water.

2. Remove excess moisture

After cleaning, it was time to dry the hair a little. To brush your hair at home and have a professional effect, you need to remove at least 50% of the moisture from your hair before you start brushing it.

But, never twist or rub your hair with the towel, see? Do everything with the dryer.

3. Back off

Use mousse to untangle the strands and start the process from the ends. Only then, carefully, and gradually, go to the root and the length of the hair. Then, apply a cosmetic that protects against the thermal effects of the dryer and the flat iron and separate the hair into thin strands.

4. The brush deserves attention

For a better effect on the strands, even when brushing hair at home, it is necessary to pay attention to the brush used. Best Brushes for Fine Hair with boar bristles are the most suitable, as they are softer. However, if your strands are thicker, you can use brushes with nylon bristles. Curly hair, on the other hand, goes best with ceramic brushes.

5. The dryer nozzle

Never touch the nozzle of the dryer to the wires to avoid burning them. The ideal, in fact, is to maintain a safe distance, at the same time that you position the air jet diagonally, going with it from the root to the tips.

6. Brushing the wires

Now, the most important time to brush your hair at home has arrived: the brushing of the strands themselves. To do this, use a hot dryer and start brushing at the root, how to lift it. Then, pull it lightly from top to bottom.

7. Bobbins for natural effect

As soon as you are done with the last lock, use the cold spray from the dryer to separate the strands. Then, put big curlers on top of your head and leave them there for 10 minutes or more. This will be the finish, with that professional salon feel, you know?

Now, if you have curly hair, after brushing your hair at home, you may need to finish off the process with the flat iron. This will make your strands smoother for much longer.

8. Finishing

So, just loosen the wires and put them the way you like best, but prefer a more natural look, right? Then, spray a little spray for a light fixation and you'll be ready for any occasion.

TIP: Avoid ointments and other oily products when finishing, when brushing your hair at home. They can ruin the brush's effect.

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